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The Themes in Oedipus Rex Essays -- Oedipus the King Oedipus Rex

The Themes in Oedipus Rexâ â â â   â Sophocles’ disaster, Oedipus Rex, contains one principle topic, which this exposition will consider. The topic is the general convention or conviction certain in the dramatization, which the writer tries to make influential to the peruser (Abrams 170).  In â€Å"Sophocles’ Moral Themes† Robert D. Murray Jr. refers to a pundit who is carefully moralist in the understanding of the topic of Oedipus Rex:  Let C. M. Bowra represent the moralists:  The focal thought of a Sophoclean catastrophe is that through enduring a man figures out how to be unobtrusive before the divine beings. . . . When [the characters] are at last compelled to see reality, we realize that the divine beings have won and that men must acknowledge their own unimportance.  So, for Bowra, the pith of each play of Sophocles is a message asking quietude and devotion (45).  Van Nortwick, apparently on the side of Bowra, portrays Oedipus’ shocking imperfection as something comparable to the absence of unobtrusiveness before the divine beings which Bowra alludes to:  As ruler, he is a dad to Thebes and its residents, and like a dad he will deal with his â€Å"children.† We see as of now the incomparable self-assurance and simplicity of order in Oedipus, who can address different people’s kids as his own, yet in addition be a dad to men more established than he is. In any case, past even this there is, in the sretched stance of the residents, the trace of surrender before a god. We are â€Å"clinging to your altars,† says the cleric. . . . That he likewise oozes an exceptional authority according to his subjects just reinforces the chivalrous representation. . . .(21-22).  The â€Å"godlike mastery† to which Van Nortwick alludes is a similar authority which Creon in his last lines assigns as the reason for the... ...of Oedipus Rex, altered by Michael J. O’Brien. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1968.  Jevons, Frank B.â â€Å"In Sophoclean Tragedy, Humans Create Their Own Fate.† In Readings on Sophocles, altered by Don Nardo. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven Press, 1997.  Murray, Robert D. Jr. â€Å"Sophocles’ Moral Themes.† In Readings on Sophocles, altered by Don Nardo. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven Press, 1997.  â€Å"Sophocles† In Literature of the Western World, altered by Brian Wilkie and James Hurt. NewYork: Macmillan Publishing Co., 1984.  Sophocles. Oedipus Rex. Transl. by F. Storr. no pag. blended new?tag=public&images=images/modeng&data=/writings/english/modeng/parsed&part=0&id=SopOedi  Van Nortwick, Thomas.â Oedipus: The Meaning of a Masculine Life. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1998. Â

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Project Management 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Undertaking Management 2 - Essay Example ts ought to have a MSc degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology or a related field, they ought to have in any event ten years pertinent involvement with driving innovation applications, oversee and activity of an examination program, They ought to know about cutting edge sequencing procedures and techniques working with atomic diagnostics of plants just as creature pathogens. The person who gets the opportunity to meet all requirements for the activity ought to likewise be learned in the accompanying fields of study in particular; utilization of genomic instruments in a wide scope of issues, atomic science strategies for inquire about, devices of sub-atomic science and innovation of bioinformatics. Versatility is essential for one to land the position. They ought to be prepared to learn and adjust to new innovation and strategies that will upgrade program viability and learning. They will be working in a multicultural multiracial condition and they will be required to regard and work viably and proficiently with their associates. They ought to be can facilitate ,sort out and see to finish specialized exercises of research stages, they ought to have astounding individuals and hierarchical aptitudes, have a decent authority of English both composed and spoken and in conclusion they should be PC

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Characteristics of Adult Children of Alcoholics

Characteristics of Adult Children of Alcoholics Addiction Alcohol Use Children of Alcoholics Print Characteristics of Adult Children of Alcoholics By Buddy T facebook twitter Buddy T is an anonymous writer and founding member of the Online Al-Anon Outreach Committee with decades of experience writing about alcoholism. Learn about our editorial policy Buddy T Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on July 02, 2016 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on February 17, 2020 More in Addiction Alcohol Use Children of Alcoholics Binge Drinking Withdrawal and Relapse Drunk Driving Addictive Behaviors Drug Use Nicotine Use Coping and Recovery Many adults who grew up in families affected by the disease of alcoholism never really grow up in many ways. Sure, they grew up physically, but emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually, many are still stuck back there in early childhood. They never learned a normal way of thinking, feeling, or reacting. As long as things are going smoothly, they are fine. However, when they experience conflict, controversy, or crises, they respond with less-than-adult-like reactions, therefore the term adult children. What Do We Mean by Adult Children? According to the Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service Organization (WSO) website, the term adult children refers to adults who were raised in alcoholic homes, who exhibit identifiable traits that reveal past abuse or neglect.?? However, more than 30 years of research has revealed that the same character or personality traits that are common to children from alcoholic homes are also common in children who grew up in homes that were otherwise dysfunctional in some manner.?? The same characteristics have been found in adults who were raised in homes where there were other compulsive behaviors. The same presence of abuse, shame, and abandonment found in children of alcoholics are also found in children from homes where there was: gamblingovereatingbehavioral addictionschronic illnessstrict or legalistic religious practicessome foster or adoptive homesother dysfunctional systems Many adult children were raised in homes where alcohol and drugs were not present at all, but abuse, neglect, or unhealthy behavior was very much present. What Are the Common Characteristics of Adult Children? Over the years, those who have studied the adult child phenomenon have compiled a list of common characteristics which many people who grew up in dysfunctional homes seem to share. The following characteristics were developed in 1983 by Dr. Janet G. Woititz. Many children of alcoholics and other dysfunctional homes find that when they become adults they: guess at what normal ishave difficulty in following a project through from beginning to endlie when it would be just as easy to tell the truthjudge themselves without mercyhave difficulty having funtake themselves very seriouslyhave difficulty with intimate relationshipsoverreact to changes over which they have no controlconstantly seek approval and affirmationfeel that they are different from other peopleare either super responsible or super irresponsibleare extremely loyal, even in the face of evidence that loyalty is undeservedtend to lock themselves into a course of action without giving serious consideration to alternative behaviors or possible consequences. This impulsivity leads to confusion, self-loathing, and loss of control of their environment. As a result, they spend tremendous amounts of time cleaning up the mess. These characteristics are, of course, general in nature and do not apply to everyone. Some may apply and others not. And there are still other characteristics which are not on this list. The Other Laundry List Not all children of alcoholics are affected by the experience the same way. Although many live their lives victimized by the abuse and neglect of their parents, others have the opposite reaction and become victimizers. Research by the Adult Children of Alcoholics WSO has developed The Other Laundry List, which outlines characteristics of ACOA members who compensate for their childhood experiences by becoming aggressive and defensive. According to the WSOs other list of common behaviors, adult children can: become authority figures to frighten others and cause them to withdrawbecome rigidly self-sufficient, disdaining the approval of othersfrighten others with anger and belittling criticismdominate others and abandon them and isolateare attracted to people that can be manipulated and controlledbecome irresponsible and self-centered to cover shortcomingsmake others feel guilty when they assert themselvesinhibit fears by staying deadened and numbhate those who play victim and beg to be rescuedsuppress emotions by the dramatic expression of pseudo feelingsproject self-hate onto others and punish themquickly let go of relationships that become too closedeny being affected by family dysfunction or that there ever was dysfunction in the homeact as if they are nothing like the dependent people who raised them Do These Characteristics Sound Familiar? You may have known for a long time how growing up in an alcoholic or dysfunctional home has affected you, but chances are that you may not have been aware at all. Many adult children go through life struggling with the consequences of having been raised in an alcoholic home but do not realize why they were struggling. Many do not make the connection between how they were raised and the problems they experience in adulthood even though it has affected everything about them, including their attitudes, behavior, and choices. Dealing With the Consequences There are many adult children of alcoholics that do not become aware of how much they have been affected by the experience until a problem in their life becomes so overwhelming they seek help for that specific situation. One adult child tendency is to become alcoholics, marry one, or both. If that is the case, many adult children will end up experiencing serious problemsâ€"either with their own substance abuse or in their business or personal relationships. It is when they seek help for these problems that they can become aware of the influence that growing up in an alcoholic home has had on their decision-making ability, their interactions with others, and their very attitude toward life. Making a Decision to Seek Help The ACA website describes how many adult children finally become aware of how growing up affected their lives and why they decide to seek help: Our decisions and answers to life did not seem to work. Our lives had become unmanageable. We exhausted all the ways we thought we could become happy. We often lost our creativity, our flexibility, and our sense of humor. Continuing the same existence was no longer an option. Nevertheless, we found it almost impossible to abandon the thought of being able to fix ourselves. Exhausted, we held out hope that a new relationship, a new job, or a move would be the cure, but it never was. Awareness of the problem can be the first step in beginning to recover. Accepting or admitting that your life was deeply and profoundly affected by how or by whom you were raised, can mean that you are now free to address the real source of your problems rather than merely try to address the symptoms. What Is Next for Adult Children of Alcoholics? One of the first things you can do to address your adult child issues is to find a safe place where you can talk to someone about your situation. For many adult children, that can be with a counselor, therapist, or a trusted spiritual advisor. For others, it can mean joining a support group with others who have similar experiences, such as Adult Children of Alcoholics or Al-Anon Family Groups. Finding a Safe Place It is understandable that if you are one of the adult children who tend to isolate, that joining a support group might be the last thing you would ever consider doing. But, because you tend to isolate that is the very reason that a mutual support group would benefit you most. Many adult children discover that once they find that their support group is a safe place and they begin to come out of isolation their healing begins. After becoming a part of the group, many of them say, I should have done this years ago! Whether its with a support group or with a counselor who is trained to deal with adult-child issues, your emotional healing can begin as you move away from burying your feelings and cease isolating, by talking freely with someone who understands. Other Tools of Recovery There are other ways adult children of alcoholics have chosen to aid their recovery. Here are some of those suggested tools: Learn as much as you can about adult children of alcoholicsSet and enforce personal boundariesBegin writing a personal journalDiscard people, places, and things who are unhealthyWork a 12-step programHelp others with similar problems Developing a Healthy Lifestyle There is a reason that the 12 steps have been adapted and used to address all kinds of problems from alcoholism to overeating to gambling to other behavior addictions. The program can help you clean up the baggage from your past and help you lead a happier, more positive life in the future. Which 12-step program you join would depend on your own personal experience. The most popular and readily available include: Alcoholics AnonymousAl-Anon Family GroupsAdult Children of AlcoholicsNarcotics Anonymous To help you learn as much as you can about the adult-child phenomenon, there are several books available on the topic, including the New York Times bestseller by Dr. Janet Woititz. A Word From Verywell If you relate to the characteristics common to adult children listed above, it doesnt mean that you are a bad person, mentally ill, or hopelessly lost. As the ACA website suggests, it may help to look at your situation as having been infected by a disease as a child which still affects you as an adult. Regardless of where your path has taken you, there is hope. You can learn to make healthier choices, set safe limits and boundaries, increase your self-esteem, form healthy relationships, and find that you can actually play and have fun. Help is out thereâ€"all you have to do is seek it.

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Learning French Where to Begin

One of the most frequent questions potential students of French ask is Where do I start? French is a vast language, and there are so many resources available that its easy to feel lost. So before you start studying anything about the French language, there are a couple of things you should know and some questions you need to ask yourself. There Are Two French Languages There are essentially two French languages: written French (or book French) and modern spoken French (or street French). Book French is what youd study in a school, where you follow typical grammar lessons and learn vocabulary. Learning Book French teaches you the structure of French, and you cannot master French without it.Modern spoken French uses all these rules, but with strong pronunciation variations and sometimes softer grammatical structures. For example, here is a typical grammatically correct French question:- Quand Camille va-t-elle nager ? The here is the same question in street French:- Camille va nager, quand-à §a ? Both mean When is Camille going swimming? But one is grammatically correct, and the second one is not. However, its likely even French language purists would use the street French way of saying this when they speak to their family and are not in the spotlight. Now, you need to decide why you want to learn French. What is your primary reason? The reason will allow you to clarify your search. Youll be able to focus and find what requirements you face in order to learn French, what information youll need  to learn French, what resources you can draw upon to help you learn French and much more. What is your reason for learning French? Do You Want to Learn French to Pass Tests? If this is your primary reason, the core of your studies should be in book French. Learn the grammar, all the topics most common in tests, check exactly what you should be studying to pass your test and focus on that program. You might want to go to a school that specializes in preparing you for French-certification exams such as the Diplà ´me dEtudes en Langue Franà §aise (DELF) or  the Diplà ´me  Approfondi de Langue Franà §aise (DALF). Both are official qualifications awarded by the French  Ministry of Education  to certify the competency of candidates from outside France in the French language. Anyone who passes one or both of these is awarded a certificate thats valid for life. Check with your teacher about the exact requirements for these or other exams. Do You Want to Learn French to Read It Only? If this is your goal, you need to concentrate on learning a lot of  vocabularies. Study verb tenses, too, since books use them all right away when other methods will usually ease you into them. Also study linking words, which are the essential connective tissue in French. Do You Want to Learn French to Communicate in French? Then you need to learn with audio files or other audio material. Written material cannot prepare you for the modern gliding youll hear when the French speakers and you wont understand them. And if you dont use these glidings yourself, native French speakers may not understand you. At the very least, youll stand out as a foreigner. This brings us to the final points. After youve decided what your goal is in learning French, youll have to figure out  what method best fits your needs and what your options are (studying French with a tutor/ a class / in immersion or self-studying). Online courses are very effective for the independent student and not so expensive. Look at sites with good views from verified reviewers and experts, a site that explains French grammar clearly to a native English speaker and one that offers  a 100% money back guarantee or   a free trial.  And finally, make sure you get level-appropriate learning tools that dont deflate your confidence because they are too difficult for your level. Follow up with free French learning tools that will help if  you want to self-study. Or you might decide you need the expertise of a French tutor or teacher via Skype,  in a physical classroom or in an immersion program.   Its completely up to you. Decide on whats best, then establish a plan of action for learning French.

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The Effects Of Technology On Childhood Obesity - 983 Words

The effects technology has on childhood obesity Twenty five percent of children in the US are overweight and a shocking eleven percent of them are obese (Dehghan, Akhtar-Danesh and Merchant). Child hood obesity is a forerunner to one of the United States greatest public health crisis. The growth of technology has had a major impact on childhood obesity. Obesity is a widespread epidemic and is getting incredibly worse as technology increases. The use of technology relates directly with childhood obesity because it has been proven that technology has made children live more sedentary lifestyles versus active lifestyles. Also, television commercials influence children to increase their food intake as well as advertise foods extremely high in sugar and fat. Childhood obesity is mainly caused because of personal lifestyle choices and environmental factors, such as where the child is living. (Dehghan, Akhtar-Danesh and Merchant). In this paper I will address why technology has a direct cor relation with the soaring childhood obesity rate in our society. In the fast past sedentary lifestyles we live today make technology such an efficient way to get things done. Although technology has it perks and has made a remarkable contribution to our society, it is often overlooked that it is negatively affecting our health. For parents, it seems easiest to just give your child a phone or computer to play on to keep them occupied. What parents aren’t realizing by doing so is that that is aShow MoreRelatedWhy has Childhood Obesity Become a Paramount Problem in the United States?1609 Words   |  7 Pages According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, â€Å"Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years,† (â€Å"Childhood Obesity Facts†). The monumental question that researchers seem to be asking is why the increase now? Childhood obesity has become a paramount problem in the United States in recent years due to various social, biological and technological factors that ultimately requires immediate assistance in order to promote a healthierRead MoreChildhood Obesity : An Epidemic1036 Words   |  5 PagesRainsu Kumbhani All About Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity is an epidemic in U.S. In the year of 2012, about â€Å"one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese.† Also, percentages of childhood obesity have increased by over ten percent in the last thirty years in children and adolescents (Childhood Obesity Facts 2015). These statistics are shocking, and many people are concerned for the health of their children. This medical condition, as defined by Mayo Clinic, leads to seriousRead MoreObesity The Problem Of Children!. Are You Aware Of1662 Words   |  7 Pages Obesity the problem of children! Are you aware of that over million American children are struggling with obesity? Obesity is a serious medical and psychological condition that affects children, adult, and elderly people. According to WHO, People who are above the normal weight for their age and height are called obese. Being overweight an early age has been global problematic. As Cause, high number of obesity results from an abnormal intake of unhealthy food and drink and also unable toRead MoreCauses of Childhood Obesity630 Words   |  3 Pageshowever, can be a problem to many children. This is referred to as obesity, when it occurs among children between ages 2 and 8 it is called childhood referred. Childhood obesity has been on the rise for the past few decades and it is making the lives of children shorter. Childhood obesity can be the outcome of many influences. Economic factors, an unmonitored environment, and lack of activity, are some effects of childhood obesity. To start with, the first and major reason causing children to beRead MoreChildhood Obesity : A Epidemic Of Today s Youth1108 Words   |  5 PagesChildhood Obesity Have you ever been told to clean your plate because there are starving kids in Africa? This is a phrase you probably heard from your mother during childhood. With the difference ,in portion control, on the go meals, and lack of exercise in today,s youth, this question can cause a child to be a statistic of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is one of the United States most leading medical epidemic of today’s youth. According to the Center for Disease Control, seventeen percentRead MoreVideo Mediums and Childhood Obesity971 Words   |  4 PagesVideo Mediums and Childhood Obesity Childhood Obesity has now reached a critical level. The main reason for the growing number of obese children is inactivity. With obesity in children being related to many health issues, it is important that we not only stop the rise in childhood obesity, but reverse it. With their health at risk, it is imperative that we assure our children are in good physical shape and at healthy weight levels. The stakes are quite high, according to the U.S. DepartmentRead MoreTechnology Is Making The Citizens Of The World1336 Words   |  6 PagesObesity has dramatically increased due to the progression of technology in the form of currency, entertainment, and the prosperity of our country causing humans to gain weight. As one goes through his or her life they constantly see people with their faces lodged into the screen of the technology they are using. They seem to be lost and oblivious to the outside world. The technology created seems to have a positive effect upon the lives of peo ple around the world, however these false visions overlookRead MoreMedia Influences on Childhood Obesity 1272 Words   |  6 Pagesbest pieces of technology in our world. Since then my brother’s free time outside running around has decreased drastically. His eyes and hands are glued to his IPhone 4s. Finding him playing basketball or throwing a football around in my yard when I go home on the weekends has become less and less. This is just one of thousands of children whose physical activity has suffered due to technology. Today our society has created the perception to children that without the latest technology they are notRead MoreThe Path to Success in Childhood Obesity Essay example679 Words   |  3 PagesThe current success of fad diets is most likely overestimated (Bombak, 2014). Most weight loss is attributed to the compound effects of both diet and exercise, but once the pattern is ceased most actually regains the weight that was lost. It is also determined that extreme weight loss is actually harmful. This rapid loss in weight causes the body to increase stress hormones, releases organic pollutants, and increases one risk of osteoporosis due to excess consumption of calcium from the bonesRead MoreThe Effects Of Advertising On Childhood Obesity Essay1042 Words   |  5 Pagesgrowing technology, has moved on to things such as radio, television and the internet. In this day and age, advertisement techniques can be considered almost predatory in nature targeting people who are interested in new forms of technology, gaming, clothing and even food. It has become easier for a products influence to make its way into people s homes. Even though television advertisements can be incredibly powerful tools, they cannot be held entirely accountable for childhood obesity because

Lucozade Adverts Free Essays

Lucozade is a product which over the years has totally changed the target audience and its impact on the market. At the start of its production life it was marketed as a drink which helped aid recovery for sick children, so the obvious target market was mothers who would be encouraged by the commercial to buy the drink for their children. However, as time went by this proved unsuccessful. We will write a custom essay sample on Lucozade Adverts or any similar topic only for you Order Now It was time for change and this they did, changing not only image but target market and the different uses for the drink. The first advertisement studied was an original commercial which advertised Lucozade as a drink which aids recovery from illness; aimed to be bought by mothers, and promoted very much as a ‘happy family’ drink. However, the slogan ‘Lucozade Aids Recovery’ made consumers think it was a drink only for the sick and not intended for healthy people; because of improving social conditions and medical care, fewer people felt the need to buy Lucozade when they were ill, causing as obvious decrease in sales. Another problem was the packaging: it was a unique large glass bottle, but was only suitable for use in the home. Consumers who felt thirsty were unlikely to buy it and drink it on the street, which meant that the brand was only sold in large grocery stores and chemist so limiting its availability and reducing its market share. The drink itself was also a problem as it was then only provided in one flavour and consumers could take it or leave it, so many simply d id not like the taste and bought other soft drinks. A positive side to this advertising, however, was that everybody had heard of Lucozade and it had an excellent reputation, strongly associated with glucose and health. It was sold at a high price compared to production cost which meant that Lucozade made tremendous profit on each bottle sold. There was also no direct competition, not even from supermarkets, who often market their ‘own brand’ versions of successful products. The Daley Thompson advertisements were the ‘cure’ and saviour of the Lucozade drink in using a top sports superstar to endorse and advertise the product. Thompson was a double Olympic gold winning decathlete in the 1980s, and so was a world renowned sports star and he was British! A totally new advertising campaign was now launched to give Lucozade a new image and enhance its reputation in a modern was that consumers would feel was relevant to them. The image of the children and sickrooms was gone and in came representations of fitness and healthy living, so completely transforming the total target market, as it now promised energy for healthy athletes, not for convalescent children. In addition there would be announcements of new products for example providing new flavours that would give Lucozade a much wider appeal through its advertising. Also the first part of the campaign introduced the single-drink, quarter litre bottle. Sales improved dramatically and the newer, smaller bottle was sold in small shops as well as chemists, so widening its availability. The Daley Thompson advertisement starts with an extreme close-up of a red traffic light which draws attention immediately to the screen, as it then switches to a shot of Daley Thompson slowing down from a run, while it states: ‘8AM Daley Thompson’, stops training for a refreshment. Another picture of a red light cross fades to a shot of Daley coming to a standstill: when Daley stops, the viewers stop to focus a shimmering heat on the running track, which is red, the corporate colour of Lucozade. The effect of this dramatic opening is to show the viewer Thompson’s total exhaustion, whilst the red colours remind us of the product label. It also has an American style with the traffic lights and intense heat so suggesting what an international superstar Daley Thompson is. It also indicates that if he trains in America, he must be popular whilst it is a country associated with success – as is Thompson, and, by implication, Lucozade The traffic lights turn amber as it goes to a shot of Daley: the clothes he is wearing are grey and dull emphasising that he is exhausted from a long training session. He is depicted with a bottle of Lucozade, flipping it out of out of his bag to show it is portable and will fit into a bag which can be taken anywhere. He drinks it; am extreme close-up follows of the vivid orange Lucozade liquid and bubbles passing through it like the energy building up. There is also an extreme close-up of the bottle with a Royal Seal of Approval indicating that is a high quality product, which is good enough to be royally approved, to remind viewers of the tradition and reputation. The music speeds up and the camera moves in and goes to an extreme close-up of a green light, zooms in and out quickly and moves to a mid-shot of Daley getting ready to sprint; this is in slow-motion which indicates the energy building up and rushing through his body from the tip of his toes to the top of his head. He burst from the block and races down the track towards the camera and audience to fully involve them, stressing how quick he is and it is implied that the Lucozade has fully revitalised him. There is then a variety of shots of his legs pounding down the runway, making the advertisement more explosive and exciting so retaining audience involvement. The shots change quickly to reflect the speed of Lucozade, but it ends with a freeze frame of Daley in motion winning his race. The words ‘Lucozade’ and ‘the refreshing glucose drink’ appear in the Lucozade ‘font’ whilst the voice of Des Lynam is heard saying these words, portraying more c elebrity endorsement which gives Lucozade an even better image having been endorsed by two famous sport personalities. Sound is also used to excellent effect in the advertisement as the music is of a heavy metal style, which was popular with teenagers at the time, the band being Iron Maiden with their song ‘Phantom of the Opera’, complementing the images perfectly. The music gives the advertisement a racy and modern edge whilst also appealing to a younger audience than the mothers of the older advertisements. Therefore, the advertisement was constructed extremely well and this was reflected in a huge increase in sales, mainly because of the Daley Thompson endorsement. It helped Lucozade become what it is today, a well known and respected top sports drinks used by the worlds best professional and amateur athletes aswell as ordinary people on the street who have been convinced by a series of very powerful advertisements. How to cite Lucozade Adverts, Papers

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October Sky Essays - American People Of German Descent, Laura Dern

October Sky How about I believe in the unlucky ones? If I don't I'd probably go crazy.(Laura Dern, October Sky) This could arguably be the most important line in the entire movie, in my opinion. This teacher recognizes the potential in every student, not only the ones with visible ability. This, I would hope, would be the goal of every teacher. Teachers have the greatest gift in the world - - the ability to help shape a student's life. Recognized and appreciated he or she can use that to present a world of opportunities to those who may not have had any. This was true in October Sky; the Rocket Boys were from a small failing mining community, where little expectations were placed on them and even less opportunities were available. When Dern's character was accused of giving the boys false hopes she held her grounds and continued to support the boys. This to me is an example of a great teacher, one who will continue to do what he or she thinks is right regardless of whether it earns her the disapproval of the rest of the staff. The movie October Sky gives a very positive representation of a teacher. She is a role model, a friend, a source of information, a defender, and a fighter. She is portrayed as compassionate, understanding, and very beneficial in keeping the students directed toward their goals. This would seem to say that teachers need these qualities in order to fully relate to their students. A teacher can not only be there for informational needs, but must also stand behind her students and be prepared to defend their rights to discover themselves. A teacher should be prepared to recognize hidden potential; it is in almost every student. This is a difficult task, especially if the student also brings great adversity, however, it is not impossible; Dern's character realized this. Every teacher will have a student in his or her classroom with hidden ability; despite the student's possibility for greatness, the great teacher will be measured by her ability to see the potential inside that student.